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“Excellence delivered through Technology and Sustainability”

Time Line International (UK) LTD. established in 2000 is a specialist in procurement and supply chain solutions in the Mining, Offshore Oil and Gas, Utility/Energy sectors.

We operate on core values of transparency, technology and sustainability, trusted to deliver excellence, through our world-wide network of manufacturers, design teams and Logistics coordinators.

Time Line is managed under ISO 9001:2015, our operations are aligned with our purpose designed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allowing our clients access to Quotation updates, Order schedules and Shipping documentation, using either their Order number or Stock code providing real time updates when they require.


Time Line International champions the procurement phase of your operations. We provide professional supply chain answers for a diverse range of engineering projects across prime heavy industry sectors. Our powerful procurement arm regulated by ISO9001, gives strategic reason to help bolster your growth.


Whatever location, time and the requirement Time Line will deliver. With a highly sophisticated Logistical team awaiting your next order. TimeProc portal provides the customer with a delivery ‘timeline’ from start, to finish; ensuring every order is delivered safely, securely and on time.


Time Line’s state of the art ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and in house technologies helps provide a tranquil and streamlined service, which integrates with the customer’s system helping revolutionize Supply Chain Management and Procurement.


We are committed through our quarterly 360° value reporting experience, to operate responsibly, ethically and find room for improvement if needed. This assists both our suppliers and customers to transition to a Net Zero sustainable Value Chain by utilising sustainable technology.

Time Line International works across many industry sectors and disciplines including:


With a knowledge base of over 22 years in the mining sector, a network of worldwide offices, our specialist teams in conjunction with our in house designed Enterprise Resource Planning system enables our engineers to quickly identify your requirement to source materials from around the world at the best possible price. Distribution rights with many of the top manufacturing producers ensures Time Line International has excellent buying power and these savings are passed onto our clients.

We are committed to embracing the latest technology, including clients accessing our Portal (TimeProc), including Data analytics, Access to online Products and Logistics as well as Online documentation. Our goal is to provide our clients with cutting edge alternatives to sources of supply. We work in unison with our clients on the implementation of more efficient management and administrative processes to benefit a more streamlined Supply Chain solution.

– Oil & Gas

At the heart of Time Line is our understanding of Strategic procurement within the Oil and Gas sector, supported by our ERP system interfaced with the latest AI technology available. Our team of specialist engineers are experts in the field of both Up Stream/Down Stream supply chain management, and are all qualified within the procurement, scheduling, cost controlling, planning, and assuring quality in accordance with ISO9001:2015  All certified by third-party inspections and expediting services.

We understand and ensure that the entire sourcing operation is executed from manufacturers (OEMs) that have a proven track record, and the equipment and parts are Fit for Purpose. Supplying reasonably priced and genuine products. Throughout the process all products are documented and Audited, and our TimeProc Portal allows access to any of these documents; uniquely linked by your SAP code or product identifier.

– Process plants

Our stringent procurement procedures enable us to obtain any parts, materials, and equipment that you need for your process plant, delivered as per your location and Inco terms, and of course at the lowest overall cost.

We always have our clients’ needs and timescales at the forefront of all our operations, offering procurement and financial solutions such as Forward Purchase Agreement, as well as tailored financial solutions, Category, Process and Inventory Management.

Time Line FPA is a Purchasing contract revised yearly, that can apply to a specific group of products, quantity of a product, or a specific currency. In essence allowing our clients to better control their shut down budgets and overall day to day maintenance costs on a yearly basis. In addition, we can ensure unique made to order equipment can be identified and supplied on a just in time basis reducing overruns on plant shut downs.

– Refineries

Within the power & energy industry, Time Line International makes sure to understand your needs for having reliable performance and operations. We make sure that we offer help to minimise the downtime and thus to increase the efficiency of the plant which increases the megawatt output.

Whether Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, or Solar power generation is a complex industry, heavily regulated and controlled. Time Line understands that time critical parts need to be in place and on time.  With a large appetite for sustainable energy we see the demand for cleaner electricity growing on a daily basis, resulting in a greater demand for spare parts for rotary equipment such as Gas and Steam turbines, shafts, couplings, brakes and material relating to power & control electronics.

The technical knowledge and expertise carried by our team, along with the value-added service capabilities, helps in making us a complete solution provider for the power generation industry.

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“The threat of not changing is detrimental to everyone. As the Procurement industry moves to a more sustainable, more prosperous future, we wish to champion this change, embracing technology and the inspiration of our team to meet these challenges working towards our common goal.”

Peter Bessey (Director) 2022

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