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We strive to work with our clients, suppliers and other value chain participants to promote greener practices across the full life cycle of our service. Time Line guarantees that our environmental responsibilities are communicated and understood at all levels through provisory training and quality measures. We broadly categorise our value chain sustainability as follows:


We give cost-effective effort into putting sustainable features in our inbound and outbound supply chains:
Access to over 10,000 global suppliers and foreign markets allows us to connect the global supply chain at local levels, keeping carbon costs low and satisfaction rates high. We work closely with forwarders and suppliers in all corners of the world to keep cost expenditure low.
We are frequently trialling and finding new and innovative ways to harness sustainable practices to optimize a greener bottom line. Some examples include:


  • We have reduced our paper consumption dramatically, with our ERP allowing us to use over 90% less paper annually.
  • Currently, we are trailing a low to zero plastic packaging scheme in our in-house logistics phase and warehouse storage.
  • Renewable energy on premises: We have integrated solar panels to support our on site power supply for offices and warehousing.


  • We use responsibly sourced ISPM15 Presswood pallets. Being made from recycled pallets, we are adding to recycling levels that save over 350 hectares of woodland per year alone.


  • We make great use of waste around us. Residual packaging is shredded and used in protecting products further.

Time Line International’s quarterly developments give us ways to improve our commitment in being greener. This is designed to work with others to improve the sustainable supply chain impact.


We know our clients expect the most. So we continuously meet the responsible sourcing expectations within our operated markets. TimeLine International personally takes on a systems-based approach to value chain sustainability. We achieve this by:


Our client-bespoke ERP gives data driven results in providing quality assured service. TimeProc provides cloud-based solutions to reduce administrative waste typically seen with clients that have a long vendor list.


Our ISO9001:2015 backed processes lend further supports to how our actions support your goals to carbon neutrality. Evolving our best practise constantly improves our service to you.


Several decades of extensive knowledge and support. We find and supply products which adhere to latest international standards. We make sure you meet global standards to ensure safety, compatibility, and consistency when you procure with us for a greener future.

Time Line International seeks to identify and improve performance across a wide range of relevant issues, including people, environment and communities. In determining where to focus, we consider financial impact as well as environmental and social materiality.


Our quality guaranteed performance will influence more sustainable opportunities of our downstream value chain where we do not have direct operational control.


Everyone at Time Line International focuses on getting their clients to where their operational needs are taking them, and beyond. For every enquiry and order, we keep the strategic procurement ‘timeline’ to a minimum. Making certain we are giving maximum value at each stage in our service and keep their needs paramount.

We support our clients drive to achieve their targets in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals. For this to happen our strategic procurement works like clockwork, with every part working together for a common purpose. The resources at Time Line’s disposal are designed in this exact way to drive clients’ operations into the future.

We consider financial impact as well as environmental and social materiality. Time Line International seeks to identify and improve performance across a wide range of relevant issues, including our people, environment and communities.

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