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Time Line International are a specialist supplier, stockist, and fabricator of thick 400 HB and 500 HB wear resistant steel plate.We keep Dillidur 400 and Dillidur 500 abrasion resistant plates in stock with a focus on heavier plates between 50mm to 150mm

Typical usages for our heavy 400HB plates is for penstock construction in the hydroelectric and mining industries used for very large earth moving and excavating machines whose capacity to move huge tonnages requires a corresponding increase in the structural strength of the steel and its thickness.

Thinner wear resistant plates for the entire range of slide conveyors, chutes, silos, deflectors, screen plates, cutting edges, dump trucks and loading shovels that are required by the mining and construction industries can be Supplied by Time Line Fabricated ready for installation on site.

Who Buys Wear Resistant Steel Plate from Us?
Our customers are typically engineering, procurement and construction companies who are undertaking large projects to deliver either mining or hydro-electric infrastructure. Typically the project owner is a western multinational or an organisation that is looking to reduce its long term operational costs by improved availability and reduced maintenance costs. Abrasion resistant plates purchased from European steel mills typically have better properties than those rolled by Chinese or Indian mills and the additional performance in durability and reduced maintenance more than offsets the higher steel price and transport costs.


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