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Bermad Valves, Nickel Mine, New Caledonia

Time Line were asked to design an Automatic Full Fire Fighting Deluge and Foam system to protect the furnace and fuel storage area, as part of an EPC contract.
Demands of the system must be of high capacity with small pressure fall off, minimising the effect to other operations of the mine. Restricted availability of a stable source of water due to location and water source was considered contaminated for fire suppression and deluge.

Engineering Design Solutions:

  • bermadvalvecs3Calculations – The initial design calculation included the requirement for a pressure control system controlling the pumps using in line pressure control valves. To monitor and control positive flow, regardless of the head pressure at source. Flow sensing valves coupled to the firefighting pumps made certain 100% flow and pressure was ready on demand.
    Suitable strainers needed to provide very little pressure drop whilst allowing the system to remain operational should the strainers need cleaning or become blocked.
  • Design & Test – Using the most technically advanced valves and flow design to minimise the flow loss through the system. Whilst ensuring a stable pressure was maintained to sprinkles, Hydrant supply, deluge and foam injection. Testing all working, either independently or in tandem with each other.
  • On time & within budget – The systems was installed and commissioned within the allocated shut down period and within the budget expressed bermadvalveby the client.
  • Installation – The UL listed Basket Strainer system was installed Upstream of the PCV, allowing maximum protection from the solids found in the brackish water supply. Again to ensure the system complied with the 100% operational protection redundancy strainers allow for maintenance and repair whilst in operation.

Client Response: 

“ …this in so many ways was a challenging installation, made particularly difficult due with the lack of a steady water source. I would like to thank Time Line for their approach from the initial design phase through to the delivery and installation at every stage. The detailed reporting allowed us to understand the technical challenges and how the design was modified to our situation. Many thanks to the team for all their help!”




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